IMPORTANT - Comcast IPv6 Trials


Wanted to send a short note out about some email that you have seen recently
regarding Comcast's IPv6 trials. When you visit
please be sure that you visit the following link "Completed Introduction
Survey?" at the bottom right hand side of the IPv6 trial page. This survey
is very important, we need the information you supply to properly plan
various aspects of our trials.

Also, when entering in your information in the "Completed Introduction
Survey?" please try to enter only the information requested. For example
for your phone number please just enter your phone number and be sure to
supply the one that is associated with your Comcast account. Also, when
supplying your cable modem MAC address please only enter the MAC address of
the cable modem.

I also see there has been a fair amount of activity in the forum area of our
trial portal. I will try to post some additional information there soon in
response to some questions.

Thanks again and please let me know if you have any questions.