Important changes to the .org tld today.

For those of you who *will* have to troubleshoot inconsistent DNS
answers between the two systems, you've now had a "head's up".
Especially those who hard code the root data (see the Nanog archives for
discussions regarding hard coded root hints files). :wink:

Rodney, I couldn't agree with you more, but the post looked like
a pretty poor attempt to stick one at Verisign. Maybe I got
the wrong end of the stick.

Its great that the namespace is evolving, but a pity to see
it being used as point scoring exercise with the competition.
If random ISP Y came on and said that packets would arrive faster
through their new BOZOroute engine that controls BGP4 with the
force and unlike Cisco based ISP's blah blah.

[p.s. can someone tell me whats the difference between a real ISP
and [I suppose] an unreal ISP?]

c'mon Neil. Chill out. Rodney's posts have been 100% more content filled than your own. No need to fill mailboxes around the world with this crap. Especially not on a Friday.