IMPORTANT ADMINISTRIVIA - NANOG list and website changes over the next week

Hello Everyone

We are going to be moving the NANOG mailing list over to our new service provider beginning this week. There are several changes that will occur over time that will, hopefully, reduce the service impact to users. One key note - the new system doesn't use Mailman, so your filtering rules may need to be changed to accommodate the new system.

- July 8th - We will begin the transition of the NANOG website to its new location with our service provider.
  - There may be service glitches through the weekend on the site, but nothing catastrophic
- July 9th - Mailman will be modified to use our service provider's MX for outbound messages.
  - Hopefully this will be transparent to list participants, but users can add to their filters.
- July 9th - Subscription changes to the list will be frozen and the list archives will be unavailable.
  - Administrivia requests will receive a bounce message during this phase.
- July 11th - MX records will be updated so all inbound/outbound mail goes through their system.
  - At this stage, will be the only MX for NANOG list services.
- July 11th - DNS records will be updated for the website as well.
  - At this point, all services will have been moved to our provider.

If you have any questions or concerns you can send them to me directly. I'd be happy to provide more specifics if people are interested, but I thought a brief and to-the-point message to the list was more appropriate.



No more IPv6? I don't see an AAAA record for it...


There goes 90% of my IPv6 traffic!

--Thomas York

There seems to be one now: 1800 IN AAAA 2001:1890:1112:1::14