IMHO, a summary of Y2K statements from around the net

Last updated August 1, 1999. All information subject to changes and
corrections at any time. Verify any information before making any
decisions or taking any action. This is not an official statement
by any organization listed. Some organizations may be further along
than indicated here due to delays updating web pages, or since the
last presentation at a public meeting.

Exchange Points

                    Has arranged for Y2K upgrades

                    Upgrades and/or testing for Y2K completed

    WEST Scheduled to be completed by June 30, 1999
    etc. Some have battery backup, some have generators

                    Upgrades and/or testing for Y2K completed
                    Y2K statement available on paper

                    Upgrade in progress

                    Officially, no comment on NAP readiness
                    Unofficially Y2K ready

                    Upgrade in progress
                    Battery backup and generator
                    On-site staff and radio backup

Address and Name Registries

                    Scheduled to be complete by July 1, 1999

                    Scheduled to be complete by June 30, 1999
                    Plan to mirror database at RIPE and APNIC

                    Scheduled to be completed by June 30, 1999
                    Battery backup and generator

Root servers

  Not broken out by location

                    Upgrades and/or testing completed
                    Backup power available