IM based BGP route-server interface


We have been experimenting with Instant Messaging as
an interface for providing easier access to a route-server.
(no longer need to telnet xyz or use annoying web forms).

We have essentially created a BGP chat bot. You can
reach it by adding AIM: bgpbotz ( or Jabber:
to your buddy list.
Just type 'help' or '?' to get started or 'examples'. Most normal route-server
queries are supported. You should be able to view routes
from Merit's perspective by querying bgpbotz.

We would really appreciate any feedback on this project.
The website is at:

As bgpbotz is essentially just a query interface to an underlying
route-server we would be happpy to add your BGP feeds to our
installation and make them available as "views" for other people
to query. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in
setting this up. Alternately you can download the chat bot
code from the website and run it yourself. In that case please
let us know so that we can add your bot to the project website.

All comments are welcome.

Eric Wustrow
Manish Karir
(Merit Network Inc.)


Thanks to all who responded and provided useful feedback. We had an
overwhelmingly positive response. We have incorporated a bunch of
comments into the new version of the bot that is currently live.
Some of the most visible changes are:
   - added minimal support for ping and traceroute from the bot interface
   - added a new aslookup command to provide a quick conversion of
     AS numbers to names and names to as numbers
   - added a show ip bgp view command to list possible views that can
      be queried
   - added support for cisco shortcuts
   - IPv6 bgp views should be available soon as well.
   - the jabber version of the bot was moved to a new server.

The new versions of the bots are currently live at:
AIM: bgpbotz

We would be happy to add more BGP views to the bot if anyone is willing to
provide us with a BGP feed. So far we have only received 1 BGP feed offer.
The new version of the bot code has been updated on the website as well
if folks want to give that a shot.

Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated.

Eric Wustrow and Manish Karir
(Merit Network Inc.)