I'm back...

Hey folks,

Been months since I've graced the NANOG list. Been a busy year so far.

I see the same exact v6 threads going on as when I left. LOL. Like a forest fire that won't die. :slight_smile: Go Owen and your band of merry men! And OSPF vs ISIS. Glad to see nothing has changed.

I have a few threads queued up

1) My experiences with ipv6 on the content provider side using a FLOSS stack
2) An experiment: Redundant array of inexpensive hosting providers (or do you/when do you really need bgp/expensive data centers?)
3) Current state of FLOSS data center suite
4) NANOG Home Networks - What's in your closet?

Hopefully this stuff is on topic for NANOG.

Charles (shaking things up)