[IGOVAP] A plan to hostile take over .ID domain management

An interesting situation here.

Budi operates ID-CERT, and has been ccTLD manager since 1997.

APJII is the ISP association of Indonesia, have been a registrar so far.

Apparently, according to this email, they also want to be registry, and perhaps also get NIR status, as they would like to allocate IP addresses for Indonesia. I can understand where they are coming from though - their membership is basically all the ISPs in Indonesia, plus cellular carriers, telcos etc.

The current ccTLD management (Budi) seems to have decided that the best way to resist what looks like, from this email, a nasty turf war, is to turn the issue into an international one.

Email below that he sent ccTLDs, IANA and ICANN, and then forwarded to the igovap@lists.apdip.net asiapac i-governance mailing list.