If you have nothing to hide

See section of RFC 1122:

                 If host receives a datagram containing a completed
                 source route (i.e., the pointer points beyond the last
                 field), the datagram has reached its final destination;
                 the option as received (the recorded route) MUST be
                 passed up to the transport layer (or to ICMP message
                 processing). This recorded route will be reversed and
                 used to form a return source route for reply datagrams
                 (see discussion of IP Options in Section 4). When a
                 return source route is built, it MUST be correctly
                 formed even if the recorded route included the source
                 host (see case (B) in the discussion below).

    --Steve Bellovin, http://www.research.att.com/~smb (me)
    http://www.wilyhacker.com ("Firewalls" book)

(warning, not for the humor impaired)

In the interest of spewing even more non-op traffic on this list,
see "59% of dweebs suffer from 'False Authority Syndrome" at
http://vmyths.com/rant.cfm?id=501&page=4 and make sure you listen
to the mp3 version, it's so much better than the written words.
(it's hilarious actually)

It's particularly apt for these so-called-experts spreading all
the FUD trying to turn a national tragedy into either shameless
self promotion (Hello everyone who attended Defcon), or who want
to use that as an agenda to "take over the internet".. (yeah, right
turn an M$ computer security expert into a White House security
expert, hahahah)