IETF SIDR Interim meeting post NANOG55

Howdy nanog attendee-potentials,
if there are folk interested in the SIDR (Secure InterDomain Routing)
work going on over in the IETF, there's an interim meeting scheduled
(like the one that was in San Diego during NANOG54) for 6/6/2012 in
Vancouver. If you'd like more information:

There will be both in-person and virtual (phone/webex) attendance
capabilities, we'd love to see some more operations folks chat about
  o rekeying processes/procedures/implications
  o performance measurement bounds

These two items are essentially:
  "How do I get that key thingy onto my router thingamabob?"
  including: "Oh, yes that device is in elbonia, we have always been
at info-war with elbonia, so.... maybe we should be more careful that
calling out the key in plain text over the phone to the local


  "How large/fast/agile does the whole of the system need to be? why
so small/large? How about the part related just to my