IETF Administrative Director Job Announcement

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  The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is responsible for
  developing and defining the standards and protocols that make up the
  Internet. The IETF was established in 1986, and has since then been
  the center of development for the technologies that make up what we
  think of as the Internet.

  Until now, administration of the IETF has been carried out by helper
  organizations; the IETF has had no direct staff that was working only
  for the IETF and its interests.

  The community that makes up the IETF has as part of a long-term
  administrative restructuring, decided to create an Administrative
  Support Activity, the Internet Administrative Support Activity
  (IASA). The IASA will formally be structured as a function of the
  Internet Society (ISOC). To run this activity, the IASA Transition
  Team is now seeking a highly capable individual to serve as IASA
  Administrative Director (IAD). The IAD will lead the work of
  supporting the organization that defines and develops the future
  Internet and associated technologies.

  As IAD, you will be reporting to the IETF Administrative Oversight
  Committee (IAOC) and be accountable to the IETF community. This is a
  highly visible and very demanding job; you will be expected to work
  daily with some of the leading Internet technologists of the world.

  You will be expected to:

     o Document the administrative requirements of the IETF, IESG, IAB
       and IRTF, and manage the work to fulfill them.

     o Establish the IASA annual budget, oversee financial
       administration, and report on IASA work to the IETF.

     o Work with ISOC and various service providers to establish
       appropriate agreed budgets and related financial and
       performance reporting.

     o Negotiate contracts with service providers and establish
       procedures for measuring and reporting the performance of these

     o Serve as the day-to-day responsible person for administrative
       operations that support the IETF process, managing a number of
       contractors and working with a number of volunteers.

     o Serve as the primary staff resource for the IASA.

     o Work with your contractors and members of the IETF community to
       provide adequate support and planning for 3 IETF meetings
       annually, and for frequent meetings and teleconferences of the
       IAB, IESG, and other bodies that support the IETF.

  The following characteristics are necessary for this job:

      o This job is public service. You should be able to work
        successfully with large numbers of people from numerous
        countries. This requires a large work capacity, the ability to
        handle many simultaneous tasks, and the ability to listen

      o This is an operations job. IETF meetings are large and complex,
        and the day-to-day activities of the standards-making process is
        demanding. You should be adept at getting real results and
        helping large groups work together towards common goals and

      o This is a public job. You will be required to present the
        results and achievements of the IASA in front of the community
        as well as dealing with questions from individual members of
        the community. One goal of IASA is to achieve as much
        transparency and accountability as possible, so good
        communication skills and previous similar experiences are

      o This job requires a financially astute individual. The IETF is
        a $2-$3 million per year operation. IETF funds are tight and
        we expect you to take leadership in establishing our budgetary
        procedures, our procurement standards, and understanding our
        revenue sources.

  In-depth familiarity with the IETF prior to assuming this position is
  not required, but you must be able to get up to speed quickly and
  learn the unique culture and requirements of the organization.
  Likewise, long-term technical experience is not required, but you
  must be a quick learner and adept at using the Internet effectively.

  The person hired will be an employee of the Internet Society

  The Internet Society is based in Reston, Virginia and in Geneva,
  Switzerland, and the job will require a high level of
  travel for IETF meetings and preparation and related meetings.
  You may work out of a home office as a telecommuter or use the
  Internet Society facilities. In either case, you should
  be prepared to travel frequently to Virginia, IETF meetings,
  and the locations
  where the IETF has contractors.

  Salary levels commensurate with experience and qualifications.

  You must be fluent in spoken and written English.

  Applications should have a covering letter and include a CV. They can
  either be sent to, or an applicant can fill in the
  application form at For any
  questions, please contact

  Applications will be evaluated starting February 18th, and
  continuously thereafter. Applications will be evaluated, and the IAD
  will be selected and appointed, by the IASA transition team.

  The list of applicants will not be posted publicly, but will be
  reviewed in confidence by members of the evaluation committee, the
  IAB, and the IESG.