IEEE 40GE & 100GE

From Thu Dec 13 16:53:32 2007
From: Owen DeLong <>
To: "Stephen Sprunk" <>
Subject: Re: IEEE 40GE & 100GE
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 14:50:34 -0800
Cc: "Chris Cole" <>,
        "Mikael Abrahamsson" <>,
        "North American Noise and Off-topic Gripes" <>

So, assuming this translates roughly to optics being:

  $1,000 4km
  $1,300 10km
  $2,600 40km

You'd rather have to pay $2,600 for all your campus links than
$1,300 for all your LAN links?

My preference would be quite different. I'd much rather pay $1,300 for
the LAN links than $2,600 for the Campus links.

Previously cited vendor data indicates 'under 10km' links out-number 10-40km
ones by a factor of 10x or more. Is there a similar break-down of 'under 4km'
vs '4-10km' links? Also, is there data on what share of links is 'close' to
either limit figure? e.g. 3.9km links that might require 10km optics to
overcome other obstacles, or 4.1km links that are 'clean enough' that 4km
optics might work. (not looking for share where these things _are_ true,
just the share where such things _might_ be possible because they're 'close
to the limit')

At the price-points shown above, if 95% of the 'under 10km' links are
'under 4km', and only 10% of the total links are '10-40km', the 10 km / 40km
options are the least expensive (barely) aggregate. if the distribution
is 90% under 4km, 5% 4-10km, 5% 10-40km, 4km/40km is less expensive (circa
15% less) in the aggregate.

If the 4-10km link share is more than around 4% of all less than 40km links,
the 10km optin for 'short haul' will bne less costly, if you limit things
to 2 options.