I have been tasked to get the best IDS and IPS for our internal LAN and WAN
in a Banking infrastructure.
I would like ask if any one has deployed in any network with such
technology, and also if any one can recommend
a very good IDS and IPS for me to recommend to management

Thank you.


ISS .... ideal for the Defense and Banking industry .......


What is ISS


bst rgds

Brilliant!!!! that went directly to my sense of humour!

The dog and pony show for the Tipping Point products was pretty interesting.
Looks like they've been swalled up by HP now. Prevention
Systems (IPS)

You should look into SecureWorks as well.


What is ISS

It's a hole in space into which governments pour money.

See also, IBM.


See also Webinspect, Appscan, etc.....


I'll take this offline with you but this is quite a generic question and you have to look at requirements for the bank infrastructure and also what level of knowledge is available from staff to actually make the device you buy useful. Any answer you get with just a product name will tell you nothing. You have to do some more legwork on your own.

- merike


We use the Juniper 2xx series IDP; highly recommended. We are a small
financial intuition with about 200 employees and 13 branch locations.

I'd stay far away from SecureWorks if you're looking to manage the
device yourself; if you're looking for an overpriced managed solution
then they'd be okay.