IDIG-L Internet Distrubance Investigative Group mailing list

I have set up a yet another mailing list (don't you just hate those
words).... to discuss setting up an Internet Disturbance analysis
forum. The most important thing is a catchy name. I came up with
"IDIG", pronounced (eye-dig).

For non-native english speakers it is a pun on "digging for answers"
a slang term for some investigative methods, or it may refer to our
mechanical backhoe friends which also "dig" either of which may be
appropriate. I thought ITSB (a take off of the US NTSB, National
Traffic Safety Board) would be asking for trouble. I believe I
missed the IETF cut-off dates for a BOF, so if we did come up with
something it would be at least the following meeting before it
hit the IETF.

It is actually two lists

   IDIG-L Internet Disturbance Analaysis Group Discussion
  An open (must subscribe to post) discussion list

   IDIG-ANNOUNCE Internet Disturbance Analaysis Group Announcements
  An moderated list

LISTSERV instructions (yes, it is a real LISTSERV)

    send mail to "" containing the line



    as always, replacing "Your Name" with your name.