IDDB: Companion Domains Database to IADB (and IADB Update)


We have not yet announced, but have made available, the IDDB - ISIPP Domains Database. This is a companion database to IDDB, and allows queriers to do a query by domain name; if the domain name is listed, it will return a list of IP addresses from which the domain is properly allowed to mail, along with the listee's IADB registration number for cross reference. Obviously, the resulting IP addresses can than be plugged into an IADB query to get the IADB data about the sender's status, opt-in policies, etc..

This is _not_ intended as a replacement for SPF, MS Caller ID for Email, Domain Keys, etc.. Rather it is simply a companion database to IADB, which we are offering at the request of both senders and receivers who wanted this ability.

IADB is also growing, now offering additional information (the newest is the data code which means "the only email which comes from this IP address is mailing list email, and that mailing list email is entirely confirmed (double) opt-in"), and providing such information to ISPs, spam filters, and other queriers for more than 325million pieces of email per month. The full list if current information provided by an IADB lookup is at

Querying IDDB, as with IADB, is free (and always will be), and can be done by filling out a short form at We hope that you will get good use out of IDDB as well as IADB, and I want to thank those of you already supporting it.