ICANN to allow commercial gTLDs

[...] I don't mind new TLDs, but company ones are crazy
and going to lead to a confusing and messy internet.

are either "confusing" or "messy" the best rationals for declining
either or both of corporate names or trademarks?

are these (corporate naming and trademark registration as generators) bounded
generators of strings?

what does unbounded change mean operationally?

Maybe we could demote the commercial ones to live under a single
TLD to make things simpler/neater... :slight_smile:

well, back in wipo i or wipo ii time, there was the suggestion that
a trademark tld would solve a bunch of problems.

however, is the problem the absence of simplicity and/or neatness,
or is dilution applied to a medium in which replication is policied
differently than print the problem.

see any of several presentations by lessig on the subject of basic
applicability of property (intellectual) to new media, and if you're
somewhat romantic (i am) rfc1591, on "ownership" of text labels.