ICANN on the panix.com theft

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:


> ICANN Blames Melbourne IT for Panix Domain Hijacking

ICANN's current RAA (Registrar Accreditation Agreement) lacks a profound
amount of teeth.

I make no judgement but do note:


  The CEO of Melbourne IT received a call from the the CEO
  of panix.com on Sunday. This was referred to the legal
  team which informed the CEO of panix.com that Melbourne
  IT staff would first need to investigate the authenticity
  of the claims made. Staff performed further checks to
  authenticate the request, and reverted the DNS information
  to its orginal state as stored in Melbourne IT's systems
  around 9:30am on Monday. Melbourne IT also received
  calls from Verisign staff on Monday morning (AEST).

In other words, they delayed a full day before acting to mitigate
the damage.

I also don't see any discussion on what ICANN was during during the
hijack situation; maybe I missed that part.

i dont believe this is icanns responsibility.. it is however their
responsibility to ensure proper registry procedures are put in place to prevent
this kind of occurance and provide emergency procedures for reversals when
problems such as suspected hijacks are encountered.