ICANN on the panix.com theft


ICANN Blames Melbourne IT for Panix Domain Hijacking

ICANN's current RAA (Registrar Accreditation Agreement) lacks a profound
amount of teeth.

If it had any, that is, if "ICANN Blames <insert any registrar here>" ment
anything, Domain Registry of America' (remember them) registrars (note the
plural) would be on the dock for something. MITs sins are pretty small in
the grand scheme of things, and they didn't cause the race regime that was
the root cause for PANIX.COM needing defense.

ICANN is dorking the registry contracts for new sTLDs, and has dorked with
the ccTLD contracts, and is now dorking with the registrar contracts. You
all may wonder if ICANN is "bottom up" and these contracts reflect "consensus
polices", if not caring about the DNSO circus for another round is really in
your best interests.

YMMV, as always.