ICANN NomCom call for SOIs for Board/Leadership positions


It's that time again. The 2009 ICANN Nominating Committee is actively soliciting applications, nominations, and/or Statements of Interest for the Board and other key leadership positions:

# Three members of the ICANN Board of Directors
# Three members of the At Large Advisory Committee (for the African, Asia/Australia/Pacific, and Latin American regions)
# Two members of the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO)
# One member of the Council of the Country-Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO)

This is your opportunity to actually get involved in guiding the direction of ICANN, rather than standing on the sidelines and complaining.

More info at: http://nomcom.icann.org/

Step up.

Rodney Joffe
ICANN 2009 NomCom Member