ICANN needs you!


The archives of NANOG are riddled with complaints and comments about the
lack of competent representation and influence for the networking community
within the ICANN world. So this is your opportunity to make your voice heard
through action that actually carries influence. And responsibility.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has just
posted a call for recommendations and statements of interest for leadership
positions on its Board of Directors and its Supporting Organizations.
Additional detail are contained below. Note: the submission deadline is 15
June 2005.

I encourage every one of you (the positions encompass almost all
constituencies) to read the material below, and to consider who might be
appropriate and strong candidates in each area for such submissions. If you
have any suitable candidates in mind, please take action. Your participation
is crucial to the direction that ICANN takes, and the decisions it makes.
This is the step that can lead to significant changes.

If you're interested in being considered, you can also submit a statement of
interest directly.

Please feel free to redistribute this message to any and all relevant
individuals and groups.

Rodney Joffe
Member, 2005 Nominating Committee


The ICANN Nominating Committee invites Recommendations and Statements of
Interest from the community as it seeks qualified candidates for the
following positions:

     - two members of the ICANN Board of Directors;

     - two members of the Council of the Generic Names Supporting
       Organization (GNSO);

     - one member of the Council of the Country-Code Names
       Supporting Organization (ccNSO); and

     - three members of the At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC).

Those individuals selected by the Nominating Committee will have a unique
opportunity to work with accomplished colleagues from around the globe,
address intriguing technical coordination problems and related policy
development challenges with diverse functional, cultural, and geographic
dimensions, and gain valuable insights and experience from working across
these boundaries of knowledge, responsibility and perspective.

Additionally, those selected will gain the satisfaction of making a valuable
public service contribution. Placing the broad public interest ahead of any
particular interests, they will help ensure the stability and security of
the Internet for critically important societal functions.

These voluntary positions are not remunerated, although direct expenses
incurred in the course of duty may be reimbursed. These positions may
involve significant international travel, including personal presence at
periodic ICANN meetings, as well as regular telephone and Internet
communications. Candidates should be women and men with a high level of
qualifications and experience with an international outlook including some
familiarity with the Internet. They should be prepared to contribute to the
collective decision-making process among ICANN's constituencies, supporting
organizations and advisory bodies.

Selection criteria, eligibility factors, roles of each position, application
procedure, and contacts are posted at:


Applications will be handled confidentially and should be received by 12:00
GMT on 15 June 2005 for full consideration. Selections will be made in
October with service beginning in December 2005.