ICANN issues call for public input on process to develop IANA stewardship transition plan

NANOGers -

    As you may have heard, the United States National Telecommunications and Information
    Administration (US NTIA) has a contract with ICANN for administration of the Internet
    technical identifiers [e.g. DNS names, IP address spaces, and protocol parameters], and
    recently proposed transitioning stewardship of these tasks over to the Internet technical

    ICANN is facilitating the development of a plan to accomplish this, and their initial draft of
    a process for plan development has been released and is available for public comment.
    Comments on the proposed process are due by 8 May 2014, and as that is well before
    NANOG 61 in June, I'm drawing attention to this opportunity via the list. You can find
    more information regarding the proposed process and how to provide feedback attached.

FYI (and thanks!)

John Curran
President and CEO