ICANN - Formal Complaint re Verisign

If I remember correctly, Verisign person stated in an interview that
they estimate that
it will be worth up to $100M annually.

Boycott Verisign as much as possible. You can register new names
in .BIZ or .INFO or in a country specific TLD including .US

If you just cannot convince customers to stay away from the
polluted mess of .COM then please use one of the alternative
registrars so that less of your money goes to Verisign.

And you can get SSL certs from alternative sources such as GeoTrust

If you really believe that Verisign's actions are stock manipulation
or shareholder fraud and you have some evidence to support that
belief then report it to the SEC http://www.sec.gov/complaint.shtml

If you believe that Verisign's actions have damaged your business
in any way then ask your lawyers to write a letter to Verisign
demanding that they cease and desist. If necessary, then follow
up with a lawsuit or join in a class action suit against Verisign.

Complaining on this mailing list achieves very little but there are
things that individuals and businesses can do to put their money
where their mouth is and have some real impact on Verisign.

--Michael Dillon

Bzzz, geotrust is Verisign



Once upon a time, Marc MERLIN <marc_news@merlins.org> said:

Geotrust != Thawte, thus follows that Geotrust != Verisign

- d.

note to self:
1) wake up
2) read Email

(you are of course correct)