ICANN Draws Fire Over Proposed Charges

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> > http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19990705S0003
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> > I hope that the root servers are not turned over to this ICANN
> > group. I believe this to be a disaster in waiting and will not remedy
> > the problem as it exists.
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> > Henry
> As I understand it, the root servers will stay put,
> where they are and operated by the current group of operators.

That is not entirely true.

  I'd be interested in your thoughts on why you think
  that there will be a change in the root server
  operators or placement of servers. As an operator
  I've been paying attention to this and think I understand
  whats going on.

> Methinks the reporter here has a serious misunderstanding of
> the issues. As to the "problem that exists", I can only hope that
> you are right and we only have a single "problem".

I didn't see the reporter injecting commentary in the article, instead
sticking to objective facts and quotations, so I am curious as to why you
believe they have a "serious misunderstanding" of the issues.

  mixing a proposed domain registration fee and coordination of
  root servers seem to be orthaginal issues. While the
  "objective facts and quotations" may be accurate, they
  may not have any relevence to each other. Looks a lot
  like a hash to me...

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