ICANN at risk

With three days left and no mention of it from the folks that matter, I'm referring NANOG readers to:


From the article:
> SUMMARY: The United States Department of Commerce's National
> Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) seeks comment
> on the continuation of the transition of the technical coordination
> and management of the Internet domain name and addressing system
> (Internet DNS) to the private sector.

note the notes already sent in:

note the multiple copies of email-only carbon-copy submissions? :frowning: Not
that I happen to disagree very much with the carbon copies, but it seems a
little obviously a copy/paste job :frowning:


Milton Mueller was encouraging people to astroturf the NTIA and
they're doing it.

Sad that moveon.org style "tactics" like this should be used to make
what is otherwise fairly sane and reasoned commentary.

one man's thoughts spewed by the multitudes :frowning: I do hope that, again
despite the fact that I support a 'not us govt agency incharge' and the
closest we have is ICANN (despite it having some warts), the DOC/NTIA
spends some time reviewing the results and does something sane with the
mass-entries such as these.


People on both sides of the political spectrum have been playing silly
buggers with boilerplate email for the last several years now. And
with boilerplate letters and faxes for decades before that.

Anyway the side with the highest paid lobbyists, or the ear of the
most senators wins. So who cares? :slight_smile:

The timing is interesting, given that DENIC and Nominet have recently come
to an agreement of sorts with ICANN.


ah, but who timed what?