IBM to offer service to bounce unwanted e-mail back to the

"Revenge" methods won't work against spam. Spammers may be using "owned"
machines belonging to a "botnet". The sysadmins of the infected servers
may not even to know that their systems are serving to spammers. So
attacking back the spam sources, besides ethical and legal reasons, may
be futile and just cause problems to a legitimate company/service

The way to fight the problem, IMHO, is to attack the real cause of spam,
i.e., to make spam an expensive advertising medium. According to a
recent IDG research, one out of ten Internet users buy products from
spammers. Spam has a low cost and an high ROI (better than several
advertising media). So money flows to the spammers' pockets.


Marlon Borba, CISSP.

"Anne P. Mitchell, Esq." <> 03/23/05 5:54 PM >>>

IBM set to use spam to attack spammers - Mar. 22, 2005

If this write-up is accurate,

It's not. From the website:

IBM Not Spamming Spammers! FairUCE is About Fair Use, Not Abuse!

Did you hear? IBM is spamming spammers! It's all over the Internet, and

tongues are a'wagging! Except, it ain't so. IBM is not spamming