IANA reserved Address Space

Anyone else ever use IANA reserved address spacing for
lab networks? Is there anything special I need to know?
I'm under the impression that as long as I stay away
from special use address space, I've got no worries.


  sorry, my previous post was only partially serious.
  RFC 1918 clearly lays out discrete ranges for use
  in private networks such as the lab you describe.

  if you presume to use any other address space, you
  will likely engender confusion, esp. when there are
  connections from your lab to the larger connected mesh
  that is called the Internet.

  hence my puckish suggestion to use the address ranges
  used by Cogent and Level3/Genuity for their backbones,
  the first block from the traditional "C" space, and
  the loopback range.

  if you foolishly take my suggestion seriously, when
  your traffic leaks, it will get many peoples attention.

  so, in a serious vein, don't hijack space, use the
  ranges set aside for private networks, e.g. RFC 1918