IAHC Plan rejectd by US Gov't

U.S. rejects Net name plan
                By Margie Wylie
                May 2, 1997, 5:45 p.m. PT

"The U.S. government, however, took a neutral
stance on the proposition until today. "We are
explicitly saying that we are not supporting
the ad hoc committee's plan in its current
form," a member of the White House's
interagency task force on domain names
said today"


I hardly call this a hearty endorsement, Dave.

Perhaps this is what Mockapetris meant when he
said "both sides are guilty of half truths".

This article is less than a month old, and you
are spouting just the opposite as fact ?


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Arrgh matey's.

Respectfully submitted, one of the "pirates", who
would lke to see and is willing to committ infrastructure
to subsidize free SL domain names. Sue me.

Yes, yes, I can hear it now: "But $100 is not unresonable
for any business to get thei rown domain name" and ONCE
AGAIN i point out, it's more than jus business that uses the