IAHC Backtracks on Registrar Lottery

Cameo Wood writes:

Acting only five days after its highly publicized adoption of a new system
of registering new domain names, the International Ad Hoc Committee
announced Tuesday that it will remove its limit on registrars.

There is no IAHC any more. The IAHC finished its work and disbanded.

The rest of your posting is also a mischaracterization. The POC and
PAB folks announced that we're exploring removing the limits -- no
formal proposal has yet been made.

speaking personally, and not in any official capacity

So David Crocker did not tell the truth in the panel discussion yesterday at
N+I (at which I and others spoke?)

Either it has been removed or it has not. If it has, then it has. If it
has not, then saying that it has in a public forum with video cameras
rolling is misleading AT BEST.