IAB concerns against permanent deployment of edge-based filtering

> > > There is a real danger that long-term continued blocking will lead
> > > to "everything on one port"
> fair amount of handwaving there.

Question: Why was RFC3093 published? (Think(*) for a bit here...)
About a month later, there was a *major* flame-fest on the IETF list due to
this message:

What major P2P applications have included a "run over port 80" option to let
themselves through firewalls?


It's not just handwaving.

  the handwaving is based on some presumption about what
  is on the other side of the "port 80" spiggot.
  what other services are enabled on your systems that
  listen to port 80?

  do you have systems that don't speak/listen on port 80?

(*) Remember - satire isn't funny if it isn't about something recognizable...

... to someone. :slight_smile: