I don't want to crash the 'net

From: Sheryl Chapin <schapin@ctel.net>

So if anyone has any advice, caveats, pointers to docs,
things I absolutely should do or things I absolutely
shouldn't do, I would be EXTREMELY grateful.


I recently went through the same learning experience and found the
following document very helpful when combined with the references
you already listed:

Internet Routing Architectures
Bassam Halabi
Cisco Press/New Riders Publishing

Besides applied theory, it contains practical approaches to
solving various realistic problems including the whys, the
alternate solutions, and related Cisco IOS commands.

My copy doesn't have an ISBN number. I think I got it from
www.amazon.com (but it may have been Borders).

It helped me a lot in making our previous T1 link a backup to
our new primary DS3 link. Its worked twice although I think there
are still some problems because the BGP table revision keeps
incrementing. Nobody's complained of any flaps though.
(anyone can take this as an open invitation to complain or suggest
fixes <GRIN>)

AS 10357

Gary Flynn
Network Analyst
James Madison University