i don't think i can sell this...

...but something tells me i'd better let y'all know that
there's a new internet business in "town"...

------- Forwarded Message

Message-Id: <199508102104.OAA09891@gonzo.wolfe.net>
Apparently-To: paul@VIX.COM

Dear Paul Vixie <paul@VIX.COM>:

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to participate in a
new domain name marketplace service. As you are affiliated with CIX.NET,
we would like to know if you are interested in selling all legal rights
to this registration. In the event that you do, please reply to this
message as indicated below. This also applies to domains that you may
wish to purchase from another party.

On September 1st you will be able to access the url
http://gonzo.wolfe.net/~domains to trade domain names with other
registrants. You will be given further instructions at that time to
complete your transactions.

The fee for this service is a 10% per domain transfer fee. Should you
choose to commit to selling your domain, you agree that for a period of
120 days that if you sell the domain on your own (apart from this
service), that you agree to pay a 10% fee for any transfer charge you


For each domain you would like to sell, change the price after the name
to your selling price. If you are not interested in selling a domain,
delete it from the list, or leave the price as $0.00. All members of this
list must be within the area below enclosed by '*' marks.

That is rich!

It was inevitable. Make something exclusive and hard to get and people
will put a price on it.

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Ok, so how much is internic.net worth? Do I hear $50,000? :wink:


Aimnet.Net's customers also got the same email. What is
Internic's opinion on this?

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