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       Title : Classless in-addr.arpa delegation
       Author(s) : H. Eidnes, G. de Groot
       Filename : draft-degroot-classless-inaddr-00.txt
       Pages : 6

This document describes a way to do in-addr.arpa delegation on non-octet
boundaries. The proposed method should thus remove one of the objections
to do subnetting on non-octet boundaries but perhaps more significantly,
make it possible to assign IP address space in smaller chunks than 24-bit
prefixes without losing the ability to delegate authority for the
corresponding in-addr.arpa mappings. The proposed method is fully
compatible with the original DNS lookup mechanisms specified in [1], i.e.
there is no need to modify the lookup algorithm used, and there should be
no need to modify any software which does DNS lookups either.

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