I can't reach MS sites


I can't open www.microsoft.com ,
windowsupdate.microsoft.com and www.msn.com very slow.

It took long time to sign in the msn IM too.

Do you see any problems so far?



You need to install an RTFM interface.

-- Matthew

Check your processlist. My money is on msblast.exe already running on your


On a few of the machines I patched that already had it running, IE would
flip to Done with a blank screen. Checked the registry and removed
everything except default from Run (with a reg backup of course) and
removed everything from the startup menu. Reboot and it pulled up windows

In one instance had 2 machines sitting side by side. Both had MSN as home
page. Both would pull the MSN site up fine. Click on tools/WUPD and one
would go every time. The other would open a blank web site. Removed all
from Run in registry and cleared startup. Reboot and viola WindowsUpdate
pulls up. (Patch, reboot, patch, reboot, driver update, reboot, and then
add keys back to registry that were really needed)

Note: On one windows XP machine unchecking all in msconfig for
registry was not enough.


P.S. Patching my FreeBSD machines twice this last week was soo much