Hurricane Katia

I'm hearing on the news wire 80mph winds will come to UK over the next 72 hours.



80 km maybe. TS force winds for Northern Scotland and Hebrides probably but I doubt the rest of the UK and it is only forcast to be a TS at that time


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Nar it's ok, it'll pass the UK and it'll all be fine, just like the other time..

Anyone worried about major weather events in the UK is probably best
either checking or subscribing to the Met Office's weather warnings at rather than
relying on a US source (and vice-versa for US weather).

If worried about flooding, the Environment Agency's Flood Warnings are
what you're after at

Both Weather Warnings and Flood Warnings come in three flavours,
yellow, amber and red. Red is the danger to life / take action level.

Currently, there is an amber 'be prepared' weather warning out for
Monday for some areas of the UK.

Currently the country wide detail is:
Weather Report
Stormy weather heading for the UK
The forecast team at the Met Office are continuing to keep an eye on
the remains of Hurricane Katia as it moves across the Atlantic Ocean.
Currently the storm lies just southeast of Newfoundland in Canada, but
it is expected to rapidly move towards northwestern parts of the UK
during the next 36 to 48 hours, arriving on Monday morning. Please see
our warnings page for further details. Issued at 1346 on Sat 10 Sep

And the warning itself
Issued at: 10 Sep 2011, 1138
Valid from: 12 Sep 2011, 0000
Valid to: 12 Sep 2011, 2359
The remains of Hurricane Katia are expected to come across the UK on
Monday bringing a spell of wet and very windy weather. There remains
some uncertainty about its track and intensity, although Scotland and
Northern Ireland are most likely to bear the brunt of the winds, The
public should be prepared for the risk of disruption to transport and
of the possibility of damage to trees and structures.

Chief Forecaster's Assessment
Forecast models continue to show some differences in the handling of
the transition of hurricane Katia to an intense extra tropical
depression, though with increasing agreement that the centre will pass
close to the north of Scotland on Monday, bringing strongest winds to
Scotland and Northern Ireland. There is the potential for 60-70 mph
gusts and 80 mph or more could occur over exposed coasts and hills.
Heavy rain will be an additional hazard for the same regions, with as
much as 50-100mm possible over parts of western Scotland.

So not too bad really in the overall scheme of things.


Probably 80kph was intended.

Why is this at all newsworthy? You've previously stated that Irene-like conditions
are "normal" for Scotland, so it shouldn't be a big thing...

Just another average day in Scotland...

Not so bad for UK but there is an extreme weather warning for the west of