Hurrican Katrina situation report

Electric power
   Peak outages in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi: 2.7 million meters
   Remaining outages as of September 5: 1 million meters

   Alabama: 2% customer meters without power
   Louisiana: 56% customer meters without power
   Mississippi: 30% customer meters without power

   New Orleans: restoration to emergency, governmental and special needs
   customers including portions of the west bank of Jefferson Parish,
   including West Jefferson Hospital, Entergy's Gretna Control Center,
   Jefferson Parish EOC, Gretna Police Department, Gretna Fire Station,
   Gretna Water Works and Jefferson Parish Sewer Plant. On the east bank
   of Jefferson Parish, power has been restored to East Jefferson General
   Hospital, Ochsner Clinic Foundation and the Louis Armstrong
   International Airport.

Natural gas (Entergy):
   Extensive damage to gas distribution system in New Orleans. Will need
   to shut off natural gas service in many areas of New Orleans to make

Cellular (Verizon, Cingular):
   Alabama: majority of service restored with a few areas of limited
   Mississippi: Gulf coast outages and spotty service. Cell on Wheels
(COWs) deployed to support relief operations in several areas. Biloxi
service partially restored.
   Louisiana: Central New Orleans wide spread outages with limited
service. Outside of New Orleans, have good service with only a few
areas of limited coverage. Rooftop COWs being deployed to locations
in New Oreleans.

  Roaming service: Evacuees with cell phones with numbers from the
affected areas found their service did not work elsewhere in the
country because the cell phone could not register on the network.
Cellular carriers have worked to re-deploy new databases and re-route
registration messages to provide service to evacuees.

  Note: Mobile VOIP services could have the same problem in the future.

Wireline (Bellsouth):
   Lousiana: Approximately 54% of the access lines out of service.
   Mississippi: Approximately 39% of the access lines out of service.
   Alabama: Approximately 5% of the access lines out of service.

Long Distance and Internet:
   Sprint Nextel has rerouted long-distance traffic around New Orleans
   enabling customers to make long-distance calls in the Tallahassee area
   and in the Florida Panhandle, including Ft. Walton Beach. Sprint
   Nextel teams continue to work to restore dedicated Internet access to
   corporate customers in northern Florida.

   Qwest fiber optic line along the gulf coast was damaged.

Services for shelters and evacuees in other states

   Essentially every service provider is providing emergency and free
services to shelters and evacuees as new shelters are being opened
througout the country.