Hunter Newby / ISOC-NY Round 2 - Weds 7pm at NYU - poll for questions

The Internet Society's New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) held a meeting with
Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber, on Jun 28 2010.

This was an interesting and wide ranging roundtable discussion on AF's
plans to encircle the entire USA with a dark fiber ring with carrier
neutral access at any point.

As the meeting was held at short notice, regrettably our two
associates with the greatest expertise in such matters Frank Coluccio
and NYC Community Fiber's Lou Klepner were not able to be present.

After I posted the audio on the ISOC-NY NoticeBoard AF requested that
it be taken down pending review - not surprising as the discussion
shot off on multiple tangents, mainly on the history of networking.

It has now been decided, rather than attempt a coherent edit of 2+
hours of audio, to videotape a follow-up meeting commencing with a
more formal presentation. Both Frank and Lou have promised to attend.

This meeting will take place on Weds 14 July 2010 at NYU (7pm) – if
interested in attending please RSVP to

What we'd like to do is to get to the nitty gritty of the AF dark
fiber model and it's possible application to the communities it is
passing, and to ferret out any catches that are being glossed over.

Newby has said he's trying to make an emulatable model - the more we
can define it, the better for everyone.

Hunter Newby has asked that we advise of him of any technical or other
detailed questions in advance, to ensure that he has the answers on

Read up some background on

I'd like to get those questions to him by end of day Tuesday.