Hulu US Cogent IPs problem

Good morning,

Our customers are facing issues accessing Hulu from our Cogent IPs geolocated in the US. Every time they try to log in they receive the following prompted message:
“Something went wrong. Please try again later”

With a big black button “Log out and try again”

These IPs are perfectly located but we are still having problems. I read all the thread related in the newsletter and also read the webpage.

I also contacted Hulu via customer support and, also using Digital Envoy contact webpage and e-mail. I always receive an e-mail informing us that there is no location or proxy problem either.

Even further, I tried with another Cogent IP range also located in the US with success.

Anyone who can help me even off the list would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Maybe try:

Report back so it can be added to TBW page if it is useful.