Huawei on Mount Everest

Why dont we leave the Everest alone? OTOH, we can now have tiktok videos and latest instagram posts from the summit.

Yippe. Just when you think things cant get worse, they sink deeper.

What's the over/under on the first synchonized dance video from the
top of Everest?

Bonus points if it includes surgical masks.

In article <> you write:


Why dont we leave the Everest alone? OTOH, we can now have tiktok
videos and latest instagram posts from the summit.

Given how dangerous the ascent is, I would think it would be a good
thing for climbers to be able to check in and say whether they are OK.

I agree it's mostly a publicity stunt, though.

You made me curious...

wow, I guess it would be great to be able to use cell/gps technology to communicate with and track a lost/endangered climber

Honestly, being an amateur rock climber, I’m in the same boat, but how the hell are they going to get power up there for dependability.
Solar power sure is a great option, but I was under the assumption that repairs will be hell to put it bluntly.
Batteries in that cold of a climate is also a regular trip. which doesn’t seem feasible, unless there’s something I don’t know.

Hi John,

Climbers who care rent or buy satphones and beacons. They're mostly
based on low earth orbit and generally able to punch through weather.

Your everyday cell phone is composed of consumer-grade electronics
that aren't designed to work in the conditions atop Everest. Even if
the phone works, it's not a great idea to remove your glove atop
Everest in order to work the phone.

I love the sketch in the article about why flat-earthers are affected
by 5G.

Bill Herrin

Depending on how high and the weather conditions, it might give a false sense of security. Or it might serve the same purpose as for Rob Hall ( in the 1996 Everest disaster (, namely give you a chance to call your pregnant wife and say goodbye. Tragic story.

Back to the NOG content: I agree, a publicity stunt, maybe useful for a bit of telemetry but I can’t imagine the hardware would survive more than a season.


You're all missing the point... We can now watch cat videos from the
top of Everst. C'mon! Shouldn't that rank among the greatest of man's

Build a nuclear power plant of course.

RTG of course. :slight_smile:

To be thrown down a crevasse when it is finished with…