HP to Cisco fiber

I've talked to HP and Cisco and neither side will commit to any kind of answer to this question, so I thought I'd ask it here:
Does anyone know if a Cisco switch equipped with a 1000BASE-BX10-D SFP will connect to an HP switch equipped with a HP X122 1G SFP LC BX-U Transceiver J9143B SFP, assuming they are already talking over dual fiber links and both units support the single fiber sfp's? (they do).

All the specs look like they should but Cisco and HP are doing the old 'will neither confirm nor deny interoperability'.

Off list reply is fine, I'd like someone with a definite 'yes I did it and it works fine' or 'no I tried it and it did not', not 'it should' because that's where I'm at for the moment.

Sounds like it should based on your description. You should make sure other media settings match, such as speed, etc.. While this may seem illogical on a 1G SFP, some devices have varying expectations of that, so sometimes "speed nonegotiate" is necessary.

If you are going from HP-HP to Cisco-HP, you may need to disable their transciever eeprom check on the Cisco side.

- Jared