how to protect name servers against cache corruption

Another thing people tend to forget is the legacy systems that still need
to be maintained... It's extremely easy to say "let's scrap BIND and build
a better DNS system", but hey guys, you still need to support ALL PLATFORMs...

Until you find me the GOD that will do this all in one shot, I'll prefer to
go with Vixie's code... he got pretty good at it over time :slight_smile:

And I think that Paul can confirm that like everybody else, he only have 24
hours in a day and only one head and one set of arms... Considering that,
he is doing a VERY good job, give him some time and he will come up with
the solution to those security issue, no one better then him knows the
holes in the code/system...

So unless there is some specific attacks GOING ON CURRENTLY on the net, can
we get back to the main topic of discussion...


so a statement from paul that the internet is effectively broken until
DNSSEC is acceptable to you even if there are known ways to combat known

stop worshipping long enough to think about the ramifications of this.

Reponsible participation in public discussion is a difficult challenge for
even the most capable contributor. For others, the challenge is quite
basic. They must listen carefully. They must consider carefully. They
must stay on the topic. They must use professional language and avoid ad
hominem distractions.

The fact that the security on your house is not optimal, it does not mean
that your house has no security. The fact that there are attacks which are
still feasible on the DNS does not mean that the DNS doesn't work.
("Broken" means doesn't work, in case there is confusion about your use of

So please note that your response to this thread reduce it to an
inaccurate assessment. Given the importance of the DNS and the difficulty
which the general public has dealing with network security issues, it would
be highly irresponsible to propagate inaccurate statements like the one


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