how to protect name servers against cache corruption

Let me put this another more interesting and more direct way.

Postulate a name server with the following properties:

  1. Actually works on and is connected to the live Internet.
  2. RFC compliant except as nec'y to comply with #1 above.
  3. No DNSSEC, no TSIG, no SECUPD.
  4. Completely bug free.

You go right ahead and build that name server, and I will drive a truck,
no, better still a bus or even a backhoe, right through its front window.

DNS is not secure and cannot be made so. BIND-8.1.1 is the best there is,
and it's what you should run, but as long as you run DNS without DNSSEC,
your confidence level should be set accordingly.


BIND is definitely #1, is almost #2, is definitely #3, and trying to be #4.

i say again that although it cannot be made completely secure in the
DNSSEC sense, it can absolutely be made far more resistant to some
*known* attacks without significant code changes.