How to get DID local numbers (IP Telephony)

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Can someone explain me how can I get an block of DID (Telephony numbers)? For example I need 200 numbers. Is that special organization or I must buy it somewhere?
What the rule for USA (NY) about telephony providing ? Should I have a licence to sale ip telephony?


You can reach out to any VoIP/telecom Provider that has a white label program or reseller.
Some states require you have a license if you are selling voice services period.

Here is a link for you concerning NY:

Read through that site or give them a call to determine if you need a license.


I'm not sure about the license that you may need IANAL but you can get
DIDs from a number of resellers I use, Level3, and vitelity

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We use a number of different carriers. Have had very good experience with If you're doing anything with numbering APIs they have a good one. Most CLEC's or ILEC's will sell you DID blocks but you need to do something with them (attach to PRI or allocate via SIP). I assume you know this already, but the bind is that a lot of carriers won't sell you blocks of DIDs without other associated products.

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You can get DID numbers from a carrier when you buy a service from them. There is usually a ratio of how many DIDs you can get for a certain service. I know you will need state utilities commission licenses at least if you want to become a telephone carrier. IP only voice service I am not sure about, could be considered a data service but I think if you are handing out DOD numbers, you are a phone carrier. There is a lot of regulatory stuff for utilities in the US. A lot more than can be explained here. Involves lots of taxes, law enforcement access, insurance, 911 communications, etc. There is probably no more regulated business in the US than communications.

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If you're looking to use SIP, I've had a good experience with I got one of my customers a block of 20 DIDs from them. Flowroute had to order the block from the CLEC in their area code and it took about two weeks.


DID numbers are actually E.164 addresses, which are relevant in the context
of the IPSTN. Because they are addresses on a specific network, in order
to have some assigned to you, you need to have a connection to that network.

Generally, that connection is either via SIP+RTP over IP to a VoIP gateway
provider, who in turn connects to the PSTN using PRI trunks to their
supplier's switch, or who is themselves the operator of a switch which is
connected to the PSTN by SS7... or you yourself do one of those two things,
in (very) roughly increasing order of cost.

We'll assume for the moment, that you do not want to become a CLEC.

(The rest of this message is even more USAdian than the first part.)

To get DID numbers in a given area, you need to purchase connectivity
service from a telco or gateway provider with physical facilities in that
area. On the VoIP side, it's common for the "DID" to be the actual thing
you purchase, and the transport and minutes (if any) come along with it.

If you're buying a local PRI circuit to a local RBOC/CLEC, then "blocks"
of DID's are something you buy at extra cost, and you tell the telco how
to group the channels on your PRIs, and which DIDs to route to which

In both cases, outbound-only service is possible to buy, so the DID(s)
are actually optional.

In short, though, if you have physical gear in the US somewhere, you
can buy a PRI and put DIDs on it; if you don't, you can contract with
one or more VoIP providers who do, and backhaul the traffic that way.

If you ever decide you have to switch the DIDs to a different carrier,
you will find that this is easier and harder depending on whom you're
working with; I don't think there's a rule.

Did that help?

-- jra

Can someone explain me how can I get an block of DID (Telephony numbers)?

As I think recent messages have shown, it's not possible to provide a
useful answer unless you give us some hint about what you want to do
with the traffic from those numbers.

If you want to deliver it via SIP over the public Internet, there's a
set of specialist vendors like Voxbone. If you want to route it via
dedicated trunks such as PRIs to a server physically located in the
area where to which the DIDs are assigned, you should talk to a CLEC
(or whatever they're called in other countries.) If you want to do
something else, well what is it?