How should ISPs notify customers about Bots (Was Re: DNS Hijacking

> > > All right, here we go. Please explain the nature of the bot on my freshly
> > > installed (last night) FreeBSD 6.2R box.
> >
> > %age of freshly installed freebsd 6.2R boxes v/s random windows boxes
> > on cox cable?
> That's fairly irrelevant. The fact is that this isn't targetting infected
> boxes, it's targetting everyone.

its relevant because you specified freebsd and hence it becomes necessary to consider what % of users have freebsd boxes and how many of those are infected

No, it's not necessary to consider what % of users have FreeBSD boxes. I
simply used that to indicate that the box in question /is/ /not/ /infected/,
and yet I'm being redirected.

The point here is that it is inappropriate to break legitimate services in
the pursuit of the "greater good".

> > Like anything else, its a numbers game.
> All of computing is a numbers game. That doesn't make it right to go around
> breaking random services just because it might fix some random problem.

"right" .. whats that then? you're buying a product, you have T&Cs,
you are protected by consumer law.. what moral of society is being
breached for it not to be "right"?

If I'm buying Internet access, and I ask for, I expect to be
connected to that site.

and neither the services are random or the problem. they are quite
specific and the solution has been calculated to be the path of least
resistance for the whole.

you sound a lot like a consumer more than a network operator..

Every network operator is a consumer and a provider.

i'm not
saying i would like what cox do if i were a consumer of theirs but
they are dealing with an issue on their subscription service and
they dont seem to be doing anything particularly radical

This isn't radical?

do you have a better suggestion for them?

Sure. Posted already. If they need some professional advice, there's a
ton of people who could provide highly effective solutions.

incidentally, if you are a consumer and a tech-savvy one, why dont
you just circumvent the restriction?

For the same reason I don't support having multiple incoherent DNS roots.

... JG