How should ISPs notify customers about Bots (Was Re: DNS Hijacking

>> What should be the official IETF recognized method for network operators
>> to asynchronously communicate with users/hosts connect to the network for
>> various reasons getting those machines cleaned up?
> Most large carriers that are also MAAWG members seem to be pushing
> walled gardens for this purpose.

Walled gardens also block access to external IRC servers.

However, that would seem to be expected.

On a network protocol level, walled gardens also contain things like fake
DNS servers (what about DNSsec), fake http servers, fake (or forced) NAT
re-writing IP addresses, access control lists and lots of stuff trying to
respond to the user's traffic with alerts from the ISP.

Although there seems to be a contingent of folks who believe ISPs should
never block or redirect any Internet traffic for any reason, the reality
is stepping into the middle of the user's traffic sometimes the only
practical way for ISPs to reach some Internet users with infected

Then they should do that ... FOR the users with infected computers ...
and not break DNS for other legitimate sites.

But, like other attempts to respond to network abuse (e.g. various
block lists), sometimes there are false positives and mistakes. When
it happens, you tweak the filters and undue the wrong block. Demanding
zero chance of error before ISPs doing anything just means ISPs won't do

"Think before act."

... JG