How should ISPs notify customers about Bots (Was Re: DNS Hijacking

> Hint: there is no bot. My traffic is being redirected regardless. Were I
> a Cox customer (and I'm not), I'd be rather ticked off.

Hint: the bots are on computers connecting to the irc server, not the irc

Hint: I know. As I said, for the challenged, THERE IS NO BOT. MY TRAFFIC

> Interfering with services in order to clean a bot would be a much more
> plausible excuse if there was a bot. There is no bot.

So are you claiming no bots ever try to connect to that server?

I don't care if bots ever try to connect to that server. I can effectively
stop the bots from connecting to servers by shutting down the Internet, but
that doesn't make that solution reasonable or correct.

... JG

Do spam block lists only block spam e-mails, or do they on occasion sometimes block both legitimate e-mail and spam?

Yes, your IRC was probably listed by mistake. And more than likely someone will correct that mistake.

Yes, it is agravating to you personally because it is your server that
was blocked by mistake.

Although this seems to be the first bit mistake in over two years, does
that make the practice unacceptable as another tool to respond to Bots?