How many ASs are out there?

Alejandro Avella wrote:

Can anyone tell me how many AS are as October of 1998. I know
there were around 700 registered ASs in the Internet at the
beginning of 1994. [pag 178 of Huitema-93]

Is there a web page with that Information?

Try but note that some blocks of AS
numbers are allocated to the other regional internet registries (RIPE,
APNIC) and that there are some gaps in the list so not all 11558 AS numbers
have been assigned.

It is, perhaps, interesting to note that a snapshot of a "full" routing
table only contains just over 4100 autonomous systems including,
interestingly enough, five from the "IANA-RSVD2" range of private AS numbers
(64605, 65000, 65050, 65520 and 65521).


As I was scanning my mailbox, I completely misparsed the subject, and was
already making a list in my head, starting with Jim Fleming, my old boss, etc.

Then I counted the s's. :slight_smile: