How does ER Infinity Hold up?

I've seen this list looking for inexpensive routers before, so i'm
wondering. . . Since this was released rather recently, Is anyone using
ER-8-XG to receive a full bgp table yet? (Yes BGP and are you neighbored
with 1, 2, 10, 40 peers?)

How does it stack up against Cisco, or your other previous router?

What's the lookup time on a new unknown destination?

I don’t know about the device itself, but given UBNT’s recent hostility to the
open source community, I won’t be buying their products anyway.


My biggest issue with the ER Infinity is you can’t individually set the speed on ports. You have to set them in groups of 4, which is a major bummer. We are getting ready to put one into production as soon as I figure out some more details on communities.

I am intrigued by Owen’s comments on their Open Source hostility. I need to look into this.

Justin Wilson

UBNT’s recent hostility to the open source community

What do you mean by that?