> Can anyone suggest a good way to get a CIDR block from the
> internic? We are two separate isps with separate ASNs, merged under one
> corporation,
> with one of them currently getting addresses from an upstream provider
> (/20). The problem is that in that location we are out of addresses, are
> multi-homed, and
> dissatisfied with our current provider. We need addresses before we can
> switch over, but the internic refuses to release any to us until we have
> used another /20 from our current provider. Thus, the internic has
> forced us to use one carrier with poor service. Legally, is this a
> monopoly? Has anyone started a class action suit? Can anyone help us?

Get new IP's from your new provider. Renumber fast. Change your DNS TTL
very low. Maybe have your new provider hold primary DNS in the meantime.

This is a pretty funny response.

I'm still locked into an original T1 from one of my original providers who is
charging me almost half of the cost for one of my typical DS3 lines for
connectivity. Trying to renumber is impossible. Once you get to a certain
number of customers, the game is over.

As far as getting more addresses. I still have the same problem as others,
however I can get by a little longer while trying to prove need. I know that
unfortunately I cannot help too many smaller providers below me since the
InterNic has restricted my site so much that I can't "slow start" another ISP
under my network.

Definately biased towards the big 6 providers. But then again, thats been the
way business goes in every market. Someone holds 90% of the cards and the rest
scramble to stay alive...