How do dialup ISPs allow multiple clients under one access number?

I'm interested in figuring out how dialup ISPs work and have found
plenty of info on dialin server setup but not much on how ISPs allow
multiple clients under one access number, how do they do it?

Google "hunt-groups" and that should explain it.


One phone number != one phone line.

Each phone circuit has a single associated billing/account number. Notice I
say circuit, not line, which is 1 or more channels over some medium. It may
be a single line POTS, a 2 channel ISDN, a 23/24 channel T1, a 600+ channel
T3, etc. In addition to the account number, one or more additional phone
numbers can be directed at that account or agroup of accounts, either as a
direct routing to a particular channel(s) or a roll-over between groups of
various accounts. A call to a phone number is therefore is directed at a
particular account number which, if all channels are busy, may roll on to
other account numbers in the group.


You can do it multiple ways:

1. old fashioned hunt groups for multiple analog lines.
2. getting a PRI with one outward facing number.
3. talk to your local Bell about what would best suit your needs (digital calls? 56K? 64k? 128K? ISDN? Analog? dialout capability, or just dialin? etc. etc.)

--Patrick Darden

That depends on what you mean by multiple clients. If you mean multiple customers of a single ISP, you would provision serveral PRIs through a telco, and assign a phone number that will hunt down through all of PRIs to find an open port.

If you mean multiple clients in the sense that you're a dial wholesaler and you're providing service to multiple ISPs, you'd still do hunt groups as mentioned by other posters, plus you could also assign each wholesale client a unique RADIUS domain to allow for client-specific attributes to be applied to dialin sessions. For example, this could be used to control the IP addresses that are assigned a given ISP's customers.


OK - great timing on this -

So I need to hire a consultant who knows PATTON 2900 series RAS systems and managing them - i.e. someone with RADIUS experience.

Anyone here with that ability who wants to help setup a set of access points. One in NYC and one in SJ California? Contact me offlist

Todd Glassey

Justin M. Streiner wrote:

It's been a while since I ran Patton's, but the last time I
did, we had serious issues where the DSP's were gradually
went from good to being hang in a "bad" state.

It was likely a code issue, which I'm sure has been fixed.
But you probably want to be sure.



it is flatrate mostly, but they use PPP for accounting data.

You are connected via a DSL modem, that is kind of ATM.
Your telephone number does not matter.

You can terminate your DSL modem with a switch and connect
five hosts each with its own user and password and even
different providers.

And you can move from the north of germany down south, connect
with your same account.

You cannot connect more than one with your account, except
when you pay for a subuser but that is like yet another account.

Kind regards

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