How are you aggregating WAN customers these days?

I know the way I used to do it at a previous company is we
deployed the Cisco 12000 series router with the CHOC12-DS1-IR-SC module
so we can 336 T1 out of that puppy. The only down side is there is a
limitation on the number of channel groups. If doing something other
than just handing off full T1 circuits, i.e. channelized T1s, then that
is where you run into the problem. Sorry I do not remember what the
magic number is but it something like 360 channel groups. The price on
those cards can been pretty steep at times, not counting the OC12 card
you have to get for the DACS(usually those cards have LR type interface,
so have to pad the laser, assuming you have your DACS J)

        If you do not care about QOS those cards are great. If you
don't mind doing COS, which can be a little challenging of getting them
setup for it, work ok. If you want to more fancier with QOS, now you
have to move to the Engine 5 cards which cost some bucks.

At this new company we use old faith full, Cisco 7206 VXR routers with
the PA-MC2T3+ cards. Since they have come down a lot in price you can
really load up the chassis with those cards. DS-3 cards for a DACS is
fairly inexpensive (depending on the type of DACS you have).

In short, if you have your own transport equipment, then really comes
down to the interfaces cards, connection type, labor and time. I hope
that helps.


I'm looking to put some feelers out there and see what people are
doing to aggregate WAN customers (T1,T3, etc...) these days. What
platforms/devices are you using? What seems to be working/not working?
Any insights would be great!