hotmail issues

We're having a lot of deferrals with connection timeouts for mail destined
to, some of the IP's in question are accessable breifly from
other locations before they start timing out as well.

This is resulting in a lot of bound email backfilling in
our queues.

Is this some new tarpitting or throttling mechanism, anyone else
experiencing it?

Can a hotmail admin contact me off-list?


Known issue. It should be resolved now, but everyone else is
  unspooling too, so the load is still high.

  In general, though, if you think your mail is being blocked by
  MSN Hotmail, the following links should help:

  (Disclaimer: I work for Hotmail. This is my personal account,
  from which I've been reading NANOG for some years, except for the
  occasional hiatus. While I try to be helpful, it appears that I
  often have to remind people that I don't speak for Microsoft and
  am rarely the escalation path they're looking for.)

This issue seems to have returned. Same symptoms. Anyone else having
similar issues?


Yes, same here. Took hours for our hotmail/msn queues to clear last
night. We've talked to Hotmail before, they've acknowledged they're
having problems...

Sadly still true. A few helpful hints we've been giving people:

    - make sure your MTA isn't latching onto just one MX, or
      just one IP address within each MX record;

    - things clear up overnight & on weekends, though I'm
      sure that'll change once word gets out;

    - don't send (or relay, or forward) spam.

  I'll post another update if anything changes.

  (Disclaimer again: this is from my personal account; I do work
  for Hotmail, and I'm directly involved with inbound mail, but
  I'm not the escalation path you're looking for.)